Born with a Pen

C. Highsmith-Hooks: I Write. Period.

Welcome to my page!  If you're looking for a peek into my mind, you're in the right place. Trouble is, sometimes, you may get more than just a peek. A little about me: I'm a writer. Plain and simple. No apologies, no regrets. How can I apologize for what I am? What I was born to do? Ink runs through my veins like the blood that keeps me alive. As for the pen, it's been my refuge on more than a few occasions in my life and a reliable weapon in more battles than I care to count. But it's never left me. And I will never abandon it. Ever. Whether it's poetry, short stories, novels, blogs, rants, or just random musings, my pen and I will be here whenever you want to stop by. So stay awhile, get acquainted. And enjoy!